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About Vale do Aretê

Vale do Aretê's team

Vale do Aretê relies on a multidisciplinary team composed of experienced professionals of sound academic background that is mutually helpful and complementary and whose work is driven by integration and team spirit... [read more]

Vale do Aretê's philosophy

Our philosophy consists of long-term planning and priority to our horses’ well being.

From our point of view, long-term planning means preventing orthopedic, zootechnical and functional problems even before the foals are born... [read more]

Vale do Aretê's history

Our history began in 1978, with the acquisition of the property that made horse lover Dr. Arnaldo J. Ganc’s dream come true.

At first, the creation of a crossbred Lusitano allowed for the production of good sport horses, with emphasis on Danton do Aretê (jump category), major winner... [read more]

Lusitano horse

The Lusitano Horse was originated from the primitive horses of the Iberia Peninsula, with influence by the Arabian blood and by horses from North Africa.... [read more]

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